Sunday, 27 December 2009

Santa Baby

I wrote no lists this Christmas and had zero expectations where pressies were concerned. This is why I was extra impressed with the following goodies:

1. black sequin bomber - Jimmy Choo for H&M
2. dotty skull scarf - Alexander McQueen at Matches
3. black feather necklace - Forever 21
4. gold necklace - ??

Thank you Santa!! xoxo

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

All I want for Christmas is...

LOUBOUTIN BARBIE. And she's sold out, waaaaaaahhh. Some people just have all the fun, as if the dream-house, pony and stables and constantly updated wardrobe weren't enough. Now the shoe lord himself Christian Louboutin is working his magic, crafting doll-sized versions for her dinky plastic feet. If rumours are believed the shoe maestro gave her some re-shaping surgery thrown in as well, claiming she has 'cankles' thereby slimming down her ankles, just like the real-life affect of his vertiginous and ever flattering red-soled creations. Louboutin Barbie is a foxy flame-haired vixen wearing a leather cat-suit and comes with 3 spare pairs of the designer's most iconic styles. Each pair come with their own box and dust bag. And if I had not been out of the loop, galavanting around Thailand I could have got my paws on one of these collector's pieces from Net-a-Porter for £100. Fingers crossed the next batch comes soon!

Monday, 21 December 2009

Good Old-Fashioned Girl Power

Pammy + Viv
Lord knows how this fabulous trans-atlantic, trans-generational union from earlier in the year escaped my true attention. This irony laden pairing between England's fashion Dame and national treasure with Hollywood's own boobylicious national joke made me grin like a mad cheshire cat. What an ionic pair! (No pun intended). And for all the wrong reasons - it works! What should be a real crime against fashion emboldens it by poking fun at its often much too serious self. Too many regulations and assumptions can take the fun out of the fashion world, so how refreshing to see not only a buxom woman being endorsed by Dame Viv but an older woman, mother of two, with bimbo looks that comply more with Playboy than Vogue and the world's most famous pair of over-inflated breasts, I hope they live happily ever after and release a Westwood-Baywatch fusion line!!


Honey, I'm Home..

hey guys, many apologies for my prolonged absence...I was enjoying a 6 week stint traveling around Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. I was becoming quite accustomed to life as a beach bum but after 6 weeks I more than had the itch to return to cold and polluted London town. I relished the thought of wrapping up in the cold and fantasised about putting on the highest pair of heels I own and having a stomp on the pavement. Ah pavement! Its even good to see the pigeons.Moral of the story: this city girl could live nowhere other than the city!So here I am, back in town and excited to be able to see friends and head for some winter warmers. So sorry again for the disappearing act I look forward to catching up with you on all the fashion fabulosities I've missed while trawling the Far East. Aaaand Happy nearly Christmas!!


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