Wednesday, 15 June 2011

yes puh-lease

This is the kind of super shoe that makes me wish I was a little bit smaller, in order to avoid drag queen status. If I was more like 5ft than 5ft7 I would snap these babies up in a heartbeat. Open toe, mega platform and a choice of leopard print or glitter sole, what more could you ask for. All hail the Steve Madden 'Shazzam'.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

gaga green hair

Dear Drew

Dear Drew, there are so many reasons why I love you:
1.Your 90s style is so achingly relevant looking now
2. You're a hair chameleon who has had everything from pixie crops to mermaid waves in every colour under the sun.
3. You have true Hollywood credentials; crazy bohmeian upbringing, nutty parents and underage battles with drugs and alcohol.
4. You have made the transition from child-star to adult star successfully.
5. You get prettier and more stylish with each year that passes!

And all the while you seem like such a sweet person, a girls girl and perenially unlucky in love. I would like to do tequila shots with you Drew (and I don't even like Tequila).

cute as a button in E.T.

chanelling Stevie Nicks in crushed velvet, biker jacket and suitably 80s perm

flowa powa

so 90s in a 70s coat with a short fringe

my main inspiration for dip dying my hurr

looking very Lisa Marie Presley as the face of Covergirl

and now with autumnal auburn tresses

Monday, 6 June 2011

DUDE looks like a LADY

Androgyny has always played a big part in fashion, the females wearing tux trend has kept on coming back around since Bianca Jagger set the tone in the 1970s. The whole flat-chested and cropped hair thing courtesy most recently of Agyness Deyn. Girls wearing brogues was a huge phase still around after a few years now. Alexa Chung is one of our biggest Brit style icons, she works tomboy chic over and over. Boy meets girl - nothing new. Current top model Andrej Pejic inverts the usual craze of waifish girls who look more like young boys due to their under-developed 'models bodies'. Here is a male model who is all man but has shot to fame due to his long bleached hair, feline features and feminine pout. This means taking turns modeling womenswear on the runway. Also having a moment in the spotlight is Lea T the transgendered Brazilian model born in Italy as a male in the wrong body. As a post op woman now Lea is embracing her new found femininity as a popular female model.
Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic

Lea T with red lipstick

Lea T kisses Kate Moss for LOVE
Lea T
Lea T

FLATFORMS: hot or not?

These are as the name would suggest the flat platform Geisha style shoe that look like they could incur some serious ankle damage! I find some of them quite visually offensive but think others look quite interesting and fashion forward. I think this all depends on the style of the shoe or the proportions! I really dislike the Prada creeper, the multi layer platform brogue they brought out this season, despite the fact they are wildly popular and seem to have taken the world by storm. I don't get it. I think there are some much nicer 'flatforms' on offer. Please see below!

Douma by Jeffrey Campbell
Prada creeper

Brenda by Joes Jeans (sold out...sorry)

Chloe espadrille = classic elegance

Thursday, 2 June 2011

who would dance on the floor in the ROUND

an Olsen in glorious Chanel half tints


Nicole Richie at Coachella

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Imagine this was your face...

Seriously I don't think I would be able to tear myself away from a mirror, like, ever...
When I was a little girl all I wanted to do was be Cindy Crawford, the perfect features, the power hair and that mole. But now as I reminisce about the 90s and the Supers, the one who really blows my mind is Christy Turlington. She is so clean looking and elegant and still looks smoking hot now. So here is a tribute to Christy and the Supers - the original and dare I say best models around.

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