Tuesday, 31 January 2012

god bless the 90s

I'm 24 years young, that's not old is it? No I don't think so but then I start to reminisce about a simpler time, when I never really lived in a much simpler time - I was born in '87 for Christ's Sake - a modern age, post boom. And then I realise I'm either and insanely nostalgic person or more likely just the early onset of adult responsibility and purely aging! Basically I can't get enough of all things 90s, music, trends, icons and movies and I can't believe that's because life goes downhill after you're a pre-teen! While half of me wants an i-pad, the other half is terrified by the accelerated pace at which technology is progressing, the pressure brought about by the annual release of a glossy new stream line Apple product. The way these mega brands con you into buying a sparkling new phone or mp3 player that you buy only to discover that it is too technologically advanced to be compatible with your well loved laptop. It's like the phone is saying 'YOUR LAPTOP IS TOO OLD, YOU'RE GETTING OLD TOO'

The 90s can't have been that great:
I could have been a bright young thing in the 20s
a hippy chick or Carnaby Street mod in the swinging 60s
a curly haired disco diva in the 70s
a blitz kid with boy George makeup in the 80s
and then what did we have? brown lip liner and Timberland boots! bleugh

When I hark back to the days of my youth, it was an ambrosial amalgamation of Walkmen and roller-blades, highlighter brights, tie dye and the Fresh Prince. Grunge chic, parkas and Nivana. Oasis, Blur and Brit Pop. Baggy trouser'd All Saints. Ginger Union Jack Patriotism. Shit sportswear labels were as cool as couture. Bobby Brown, Aaliyah and R. Kelly. When Divas counted as role models ie. before Whitney discovered crack and Mariah had a perm and natural breasts. I was too young for acid house, for me it was all R.E.M. and T.L.C. Beloved Biggie and 2Pac. Fugees, Missy, Outkast, Chili Peppers. Pulp, Prodigy and Mariah Carey...
Lately I am re-obsessing over (almost) all of the above. 
Is this 
a) how everyone feels about their formative years 
b) because the 90s were banging times and no one really realised it until now or 
c) because I'm just actually getting old!? 

If anyone has any views on my quarter life crisis I would be grateful to hear what you have to say.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Gypsy Chic

Sometimes I dream of interiors more than outfits. Once I get fantasising about, high ceiling lift spaces, and exposed brick, and exquisite bed linen, and art deco vases there is no stopping me. There are so many completely different styles of interior decorating I love, spanning one end of minimalist masculine modernity to shabby chic ethnic bohemian and all the way to the girlie, chintzy vintage end of the spectrum. This presents a bit of a dilemma when it comes to decorating because whilst you can change your clothes and all-over look easily enough from one day to the next, a sofa and crockery are less disposable. Whilst I don't think I would necessarily like to live this way as much as in other styles of room I love the romantic feel of gypsy caravan style interiors. I love paisley and patchwork and colour and crochet and eclectic interiors. Here is a little mood board to show you what I mean.

10 Corso Como

On my first trip to Milan, as it was a flying visit I though screw the Duomo and the Last Supper I have read about this boutique which sounds amazing, I need to find it. Well let me tell ya, 10 Corso Como did not disappoint, it is Milan's answer to Collette but it more exquisite surroundings. It was my dream store and I didn't want to leave, I'm sure lots of people visiting for the first time feel the same way, and they have kind of designed it so you don't have to leave. You can have lunch in the cafe then mooch around fashion, jewellery, accessories and even sex toys. Have a peak at the menswear then head upstairs to look at handbags and wile away the afternoon flicking through fashion and interior coffee table tomes. They stocked a vast selection of Alaia, all of the Prada spring summer aquatic accessories, of which the green plastic pailette covered clutch I am completely fond. They also had all of my favourite Dominic Jones rings and a few pairs of collectible vintage and antinque ladies' shoes. Glossy white top of the range shop fittings house all kinds of hard to find, luxurious and designer items. The cafe is like a secret garden embedded with foliage and baby sparrows flit to and fro overhead while you sip your coffee. I couldn't leave the beautiful store empty handed so I bought a Keith Haring coffee table book, as you will know from my earlier post - I am obsessed with him! If you are ever passing through Milan, even like me just for 2 days I urge you to head straight to Corso Como - it is the ultimate in the boutique shopping experience.

what I bought
How I imagine heaven to look..
the outdoor cafe seating
me at the entrance :)

Neil Barrett A/W12

images courtesy of Dent Online

Went to Milan last weekend for some decent coffee and the Neil Barrett menswear show. The collection featured a fusion of formal-wear and sporty pieces all set off by loose fitting raglan sleeved overcoats in wool and sheepskin. The show started off fairly monochromatic but warmed up colour-wise towards the end with quilted crew necks and jackets in shades of raspberry and mustard.I loved the tonal layering of textures and the use of holdalls to make the look feel complete, for the fashion savvy man-about-town.

some shitty pics I snapped on my iPhone

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

minty fressssh

Acne menswear

Minty Hair

Gaga in Simone Rocha

Versace SS12

amazing vintage Hermes type writer (Miami)

ASOS patent mint loafers
Parisian Street Style in mint python

Spearmint pout - lippy by Lime Crime

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