Tuesday, 18 June 2013

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So sports luxe in nothing new, especially now more than ever with fashion harking back to the oversized and heavily branded sportswear of the 90s. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding baseball with nylon bombers, letterman jackets with contrast sleeves and baseball tees but now I've realised it's all about hockey. Hockey jerseys being worn as a fashion statement always remind me of that iconic press image of an ultra swagged out and hyped up 2pac leaving court, defiant, and spitting at reporters, in his Red Wings jersey. Designers such as Casely Hayford and Alexander Wang can this year clearly be seen as drawing on hockey as a source of inspiration for their designs both for men and women. I think it's a cool look, what do you think?

thug life: 2pac's 90s ghetto styling of jersey complete with bandana

Rhi Rhi rocks an oversized jersey as a dress with strappy stilettos

Casely Hayford AW13

Rocky Hockey: A$AP on the front row

Alexander Wang ss13

Thursday, 4 April 2013

loving lately..


cut it out

Since these cult Balenciaga beauties emerged last year, they have spawned an array of copy cats and cut out boots are the shoe du jour. The Balenciaga originals really epitomise a contemporary take on 90s grunge perfection! Just as well with this post apocalyptic weather we are having - ahem snow in April (today) the cut out boot cannot decide whether it is a winter or summer shoe, ideal for this freak weather. I love the chunkiness but Jeffrey Campbell and Senso have created a more elegant and wearable take on the fabulous cut out boot!






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