Friday, 15 July 2011

going grey...

So yesterday I found my first grey hair...I am 24 and this discovery did not excite me! My family go grey really early - it's a Mediterranean thing. My mother's response was "well you cannot have such a full head of thick beautiful hair and expect it to stay dark forever." erm what kind of a comment is that?? I reiterate I AM 24..
I have always resented that men can so easily be silver foxes whereas there has always been a negative granny stigma attached to being a silver haired lady. Not anymore! Last year there was a brief craze for grey hair amongst youngsters. I really want to grow old gracefully and be one of those glam old ladies with a Cruella Devil white skunk flash or a full on long straight white mane. But not until I am at least 60!!

Pixie Geldof had a brief flirtation with the silver hair dye

Kristen McMenamy's long locks are her trademark on the runway

Lady Gaga and a brief spell with a witchy lilac-grey wig last year

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