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Sunday, 10 April 2011

French Fancy

So the French make lovely meandering, beautiful-to-watch but going nowhere films. Their cuisine is second to none and their desserts the best in the world. I also think French women are amazing, the perfect antidote to the Megan Fox generation of 20 somethings who all start to look the same because they've used the same plastic surgeon! Here are 3 Reasons French fillies still personify the anti try-hard natural sexy-cool.

1. Yelle

2. Josephine de la Baume

3. Lou Doillon

Friday, 8 April 2011

handbag full of history

You know you've reached style icon status when a covetable designer handbag is named after you. Marc Jacobs named his Stam bag after model-of-the-moment, Jessica Stam in the early noughties, the classic Mulberry Alexa came out last year and reflects Alexa Chung's brand of laid back Brit girl cool. Hermès named their Kelly bag after legendary beauty Grace Kelly and of course arguably the most famous handbag in the world the Birkin bag named after the original 'boho babe' Jane Birkin in 1984. It was therefore a momentous day when earlier this week Birkin decided to auction off her very own well-loved and uniquely personalised Birkin, on e-bay no less! This is what a style-hunter's dreams are made of. I can only imagine how much it will sell for, but proceeds go towards the Red Cross' efforts in Japan. Birkin, who evidently hasn't had a humor bypass over the years, told Vogue.com 
“There’s no fun in a bag if it’s not kicked around, so that it looks as if the cat’s been sitting on it—and it usually has. The cat may even be in it! I always put on stickers and beads and worry beads. You can get them from Greece, Israel, Palestine—from anywhere in the world. I always hang things on my bags because I don’t like them looking like everyone else’s.”

Sensational Senso

Once upon a time I had a lovely little friend called Imogen, who as the London born product of an Australian father and British mum eventually left school for far sunnier climes and a new life in Sydney. Her parents had their own shoe company: Senso, at the time based in London but since then making waves Down Under and now in the States too. Now that school and University are behind us, she and her too gorgeous sisters Alicia and Skye have joined forces with the family business. Though Imi is and will always be my friend, I would not be blogging this if their shoes weren't triple awesome. Please see below some teasers to get your tootsies lusting for a new home. 

Their sassy shoes always pack a punch and are not designed for the shy and retiring wallflower but rather will liven up any outfit. Senso shoes are available on American shoe website Solestruck and the perennially cool Ozzie site Nasty Gal. The really good news for us Brits is, that if like me you have a phobia of trans-global shoe purchases and not being able to try on for size and fit. Senso is coming to town in the form of Willa Keswick's new Westbourne Grove boutique. The Ledbury Road store is called The Village Bicycle and opens next month. It will sit pretty amongst its largely French neighbours Sandro, Zadig and Voltaire and Joseph. In addition to Senso it will stock vintage gems, Mark Fast and Bodyamr. Could I be more excited?

Thursday, 7 April 2011

the girl they call Bambi

Life is made of small simple pleasures, I love exposed brick, loft spaces and attic rooms, art deco furnishings, a perfect manicure, cheese! I have a penchant for peonies and the two physical attributes I find attractive in people (both men and women I think) are straight teeth and a groomed but bushy brow. I'm obsessed with eyebrows - for me they are such a key maker or breaker of a beautiful face. They are the framer and definer of windows to the soul, as it were. Bambi is a testament to why THOU SHALT NEVER OVER-PLUCK. In fact, never pluck at all, don't touch your own eyebrows, go get threaded. Anyway rant over. Not only does Bambi Northwood-Blyth have one of the best model names ever but the girl also has got it going on in the brow department. See here why I think she is so incredible!

toxic nature

Toxic Nature is the name of Illamasqua's new cosmetic collection. As there as campaigns go, I think they are the only brand out there giving MAC a run for their money. The natural look is all well and good, but it is not what is going to get your products noticed by the youth market when it comes to advertising. I've always been a die-hard MAC girl especially where lippy is concerned but I like to think of Illamasqua as the British equivalent, for offering an outlandish array of colours, and their nail polishes are especially good. Besides how much would you love to be able to do make-up like this!? Even if just for Halloween, I marvel at what can be acheived with a face and effectively some paint and brushes! Be inspired..


For those of you who like your style to have a dash of quirkiness and a side of humour, you will be loving the fact that this Spring/Summer conversationals have gone citrus. If you are happy for your ensemble to look more fruit salad than sartorial perfection this is surely the look for you! In the past few days we have been blessed with glorious sunny weather in London town and it's put me in such a great mood. These looks have the same affect, reminding me why fashion should never be taken too seriously! If you're not one to go all-out Carmen Miranda style, make a nod to the fruit trend with kitsch banana earrings a la Prada or cherry accessories!

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