Thursday, 7 April 2011

the girl they call Bambi

Life is made of small simple pleasures, I love exposed brick, loft spaces and attic rooms, art deco furnishings, a perfect manicure, cheese! I have a penchant for peonies and the two physical attributes I find attractive in people (both men and women I think) are straight teeth and a groomed but bushy brow. I'm obsessed with eyebrows - for me they are such a key maker or breaker of a beautiful face. They are the framer and definer of windows to the soul, as it were. Bambi is a testament to why THOU SHALT NEVER OVER-PLUCK. In fact, never pluck at all, don't touch your own eyebrows, go get threaded. Anyway rant over. Not only does Bambi Northwood-Blyth have one of the best model names ever but the girl also has got it going on in the brow department. See here why I think she is so incredible!

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