Friday, 20 January 2012

Gypsy Chic

Sometimes I dream of interiors more than outfits. Once I get fantasising about, high ceiling lift spaces, and exposed brick, and exquisite bed linen, and art deco vases there is no stopping me. There are so many completely different styles of interior decorating I love, spanning one end of minimalist masculine modernity to shabby chic ethnic bohemian and all the way to the girlie, chintzy vintage end of the spectrum. This presents a bit of a dilemma when it comes to decorating because whilst you can change your clothes and all-over look easily enough from one day to the next, a sofa and crockery are less disposable. Whilst I don't think I would necessarily like to live this way as much as in other styles of room I love the romantic feel of gypsy caravan style interiors. I love paisley and patchwork and colour and crochet and eclectic interiors. Here is a little mood board to show you what I mean.

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  1. You must have been chipsy on your last life : )


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