Thursday, 28 July 2011

In My Bed

In tribute to one of my favourite Amy Winehouse tracks. I decided to compile a post of iconic photographs involving beds. This got me thinking about the varying connotations of beds in photography and the plethora of symbolism from what is a basic piece of furniture. You can have work of art beds - a la Tracey Emin, messy beds, bunk beds, hospital beds, sexy beds, death beds...
Tracey Emin's infamous bed
Kate Moss and Johnny Depp in bed - photo shoot
Yoko Ono and John Legend made a stand for peace and did everything from their bed
Kurt Cobain in bed
Paula Yates interviewed Michael Hutchence from the Big Breakfast bed and their chemistry was plain to see, they of course went on to marry
I never thought my memory
of what we had could be intruded
but I couldn't let it be
I needed it as much as you did

Now it's not hard to understand

why we just speak at night
The only time I hold your hand
is to get the angle right
Everything is slowing down
river of no return
you recognise my every sound
there's nothing new to learn

you'll never get my mind right

like 2 ships passing in the night
in the night in the night
want the same thing where we lay
otherwise mines a different way
a different way from where I'm going
oh, its you again listen this isn't a reunion
so sorry if I turn my head
yours is a familiar face
but that don't make your place safe
in my bed, my bed, my ba ba dee dee bed

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