Sunday, 27 December 2009

Santa Baby

I wrote no lists this Christmas and had zero expectations where pressies were concerned. This is why I was extra impressed with the following goodies:

1. black sequin bomber - Jimmy Choo for H&M
2. dotty skull scarf - Alexander McQueen at Matches
3. black feather necklace - Forever 21
4. gold necklace - ??

Thank you Santa!! xoxo

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

All I want for Christmas is...

LOUBOUTIN BARBIE. And she's sold out, waaaaaaahhh. Some people just have all the fun, as if the dream-house, pony and stables and constantly updated wardrobe weren't enough. Now the shoe lord himself Christian Louboutin is working his magic, crafting doll-sized versions for her dinky plastic feet. If rumours are believed the shoe maestro gave her some re-shaping surgery thrown in as well, claiming she has 'cankles' thereby slimming down her ankles, just like the real-life affect of his vertiginous and ever flattering red-soled creations. Louboutin Barbie is a foxy flame-haired vixen wearing a leather cat-suit and comes with 3 spare pairs of the designer's most iconic styles. Each pair come with their own box and dust bag. And if I had not been out of the loop, galavanting around Thailand I could have got my paws on one of these collector's pieces from Net-a-Porter for £100. Fingers crossed the next batch comes soon!

Monday, 21 December 2009

Good Old-Fashioned Girl Power

Pammy + Viv
Lord knows how this fabulous trans-atlantic, trans-generational union from earlier in the year escaped my true attention. This irony laden pairing between England's fashion Dame and national treasure with Hollywood's own boobylicious national joke made me grin like a mad cheshire cat. What an ionic pair! (No pun intended). And for all the wrong reasons - it works! What should be a real crime against fashion emboldens it by poking fun at its often much too serious self. Too many regulations and assumptions can take the fun out of the fashion world, so how refreshing to see not only a buxom woman being endorsed by Dame Viv but an older woman, mother of two, with bimbo looks that comply more with Playboy than Vogue and the world's most famous pair of over-inflated breasts, I hope they live happily ever after and release a Westwood-Baywatch fusion line!!


Honey, I'm Home..

hey guys, many apologies for my prolonged absence...I was enjoying a 6 week stint traveling around Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. I was becoming quite accustomed to life as a beach bum but after 6 weeks I more than had the itch to return to cold and polluted London town. I relished the thought of wrapping up in the cold and fantasised about putting on the highest pair of heels I own and having a stomp on the pavement. Ah pavement! Its even good to see the pigeons.Moral of the story: this city girl could live nowhere other than the city!So here I am, back in town and excited to be able to see friends and head for some winter warmers. So sorry again for the disappearing act I look forward to catching up with you on all the fashion fabulosities I've missed while trawling the Far East. Aaaand Happy nearly Christmas!!


Saturday, 31 October 2009

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween fellow bloggers and bloggettes. I have collected a selection of spooky treats for your viewing pleasure and to get you in the mood for this festive eve. What will your costume be!?


1. skull ring by Vivienne Westwood
2. colourful skull rings by Christian Dior
3. clutch by Alexander McQueen

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Blast from the Past

I am very proud to have unearthed this gem from the archives. In fact when I discovered this picture I felt a surge of satisfaction on par with that of finding a gold encrusted prehistoric fossil on an archaeological dig. Whilst the fashion world is all about moving forward, looking to the future and what is coming next. Sometimes, somehow there is nothing quite like the fond nostalgia or the cringe factor brought about by looking at the past. The Style conscious world is a funny place where we are fickle and move cyclically. This glory shot comes from the early 1990s and the irony is that some point between then and now Miss Sarah Jessica Parker may have been very ashamed of this photo. However, right now, the outfit in this picture could not look more right. We are currently embracing all things velvet, rich jewel tones, the upper midriff, statement jackets and not quite conical bras but no doubt with Gaga's inspiration we will get there very soon. I haven't got so excited about an outfit in a long time. Something tells me SJP's fashion alter-ego; Carrie Bradshaw would be very proud!


Being Beautiful for 2

Being that she is my absolute ultimate dream girl of forever, I didn't think it was possible for me to love Gisele any more than I already do. This was until I saw this picture posted on Fashionista... the Brazilian goddess is looking better than ever strolling in the West Village in Autumnal garb as a glowing mother to be. The term 'yummy mummy' is an outdated euphemism when it comes to this model mum. I love this depiction of her for it's appropriateness, not only is she a vision of health and beauty but she is dressed comfortably and stylishly, making the whole image just, well... perfect! I'm too excited at the notion of the most genetically blessed child since Shiloh Jolie-Pitt!


Saturday, 24 October 2009

Knocks my Socks Off


I never thought I would hear myself say socks and sandals were the way to go. But lately I have been thinking a thick sock with a chunky high heel is the best look in the world! The long socks trend came back last year with a vengeance thanks to Patricia Field via Carrie Bradshaw in last year's fashion smash SATC the Movie. However nothing says this season like short socks with heels. Channel Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with cutesy frilly socks and ruby slippers. Of you've got the legs for it why not work geek chic with short socks and flats for a fresh look a la style queen Chloe Sevigny. Burberry have revived the slouchy socks with high heels trend and I love it. Such an effective style updater, not to mention cheap and easy to imitate.

Burberry A/W10


1. Sarah Jessica Parker in SATC the Movie
2. Ad Campaign for Burberry A/W10
3. Fearne Cotton

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Fashion + Coffee = Lavazza

Lavazza is the reputable Italian family, responsible for keeping a sense of glorious old-school glamour in the effective branding of their coffee. If you ask me all the charm of the coffee industry has died out thanks to bland expressions like fair-trade and hideous newfangled terminology such as skinny-soya-frappe-latte. However, if like me you like an extra shot of fashion with your macchiato, you need look no further than the Lavazza calendar. A well connected friend has just returned from schmoozing the Lavazza family at a 2 day press event held in Turin to unveil their 2010 calendar. She and her sister enjoyed a 4-hour long dinner and allegedly when the boring "journos" retired to the hotel, the party really got started! Lavazza is as synonymous with coffee as it is with delectably directional advertising campaigns. Each year their calendar is photographed by one of the greats, last year's edition was shot by Annie Leibovitz and previous photographer's include David La Chapelle, Jean-Baptiste Mondino and Ellen Von Unwert. After hearing a full report of 2010's amazing calendar by Miles Aldridge, I wanted to see his depiction of old school Italian glamour for myself. I particularly enjoyed the Winehouse style make-over given to 'girl of the moment' Daisy Lowe. I liked the juxtaposition of Lydia Hearst with her pearlescent skin and strawberry blonde hair with the more typically Italian looking dark and smouldering Bianca Balti. Miles Aldridge has been exploring the different avenues of 'sexy'. Whilst Aldridge evokes past pin-up style, his colour palette is more nu-rave neon which gives a kitsch flavour and brings the calendar right up to date. He uses acid green, bubblegum pink, fluorescent yellow and pop-up blue to bring his images to life. The concept behind this year's calendar was classic Italian love songs. Aldridge took his inspiration from the big drama filled operatic ballads: Va’ Pensiero, Guarda Che Luna, ‘O Solo Mio, Con Te PartirĂ², Baciami Piccina and Nessun Dorma. The pictures make me want to embrace my Italian heritage and dance around the dinner table with my Uncles and Aunts singing Volare.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Heavy Metal

I'm a girl who loves shoes, I'm also a sucker for embellishment, a bit of zip-detailing, a couple studs, tassels and feathers are all fine with me. There is something about studs that is always so effective, a reason why they won't go away, they always seem to look so gooood. I know last season's iconic Balmain shoes are old news but despite being over-exposed, it would be criminal not to include them in this list, as they are still the ultimate in footwear! I have also included some men's brogues from Prada. Here are some of my favourite studded beauties:

1. Givenchy
2. Prada (men's)
3. Balmain
4. Louboutin
6. Isabel Marant
7. Chloe

Wardrobe Wishing

Here are a few designer pieces I am currently coveting. They are a diverse and random mix. The pieces really need little introduction as the images should speak volumes about my momentary label lust. While grouped together the items below look like an eclectic selection, they are all very much seasonal, statement party pieces. Whilst the tongue in cheek Russian doll clutch back may not be a timeless style staple it is certainly delightfully inspired, and a guaranteed collectible! A girl can dream...

1. Burberry boots
2. Halston dress
3. Chanel bag

Hair Raising Creations

Public attention has been grabbed lately by increasingly avant-garde hair styling, endorsed particularly by the pantless wonder Lady Gaga. Gaga's ever changing hair length, colour and elaborate hair pieces have been as much cause for specualtion as her theatrically provocative clothing and the mystery surrounding her gender. The recent comeback of wigs got me thinking about a press day I visited last Spring for Blow PR's designers for Autumn/Winter 09. It was there that I first became aquainted with the spooky and inspired designs of hair-master Charlie Le Mindu, particularly memorable and disturbing was a kind of balaclava fashioned out of dead rats whose fur he had dyed white. And yes a model had to wear that on her face! Here is a picture I took of it:

Check out some of the more recent pictures of his other worldy designs at Fashion Week, the fantastic photographs are courtesy of The Guardian.

To the Point

Nails go all Dita Von Teese on us, as manicurists du jour favour long pointed glamour girl talons. This style is reminiscent of Burlesque stars and old-school pin-ups. The half moon polish style pioneered by Dita Von Teese gives a particularly sexy effect, best in traditional post-box scarlett or gothic black. If you ask me, it's about time we said good riddence to the chavvy Victoria Beckham style square tipped acrylics of yesterday. Right now it's all about short and sweet or long and pointed, putting me in the mood for witchy Halloween inspired garments!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

It's a Gingham Thing

I was very interested to see Christopher Kane's use of gingham in his Ready to Wear collection for 2010. As if to prove he is not a one-trick pony and to invert people's expectations Kane has taken a dramatic u-turn from frightening larger than life gorilla prints and wildlife images to girlie gingham. Subverting our conservative associations with gingham check and luxe materials such as cashmere by giving us slash neck sweaters and gingham skirts with thigh high slits. Gingham is a thing once ubiquitous in childhood, the embodiment of perhaps a well-behaved little girl. However in adulthood it is a check scarcely seen. With Christopher Kane's influence gingham is set to become as pervasive next summer as the perennial plaid shirt has been for the past few seasons.

It was Acceptable in the 80s

In this flashback sequence, fashion forward Carrie is a dead-ringer for Madonna circa Like a Virgin and Lucky Star. I think the way Patricia Field has worked her magic on this throw-back look is absolutely genius. She has kept the girls so thoroughly in character and I think that Miranda's high-powered New York business woman look 80s style is particularly spot-on, especially with her heinous crop and gold earrings. True to form Charlotte looks like the perfect Hamptons country club wife, while sassy Samantha looks like a groupie for White Snake. The pictures almost make me feel prematurely nostalgic for perms and Walkmans...what do you guys think?

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