Tuesday, 22 December 2009

All I want for Christmas is...

LOUBOUTIN BARBIE. And she's sold out, waaaaaaahhh. Some people just have all the fun, as if the dream-house, pony and stables and constantly updated wardrobe weren't enough. Now the shoe lord himself Christian Louboutin is working his magic, crafting doll-sized versions for her dinky plastic feet. If rumours are believed the shoe maestro gave her some re-shaping surgery thrown in as well, claiming she has 'cankles' thereby slimming down her ankles, just like the real-life affect of his vertiginous and ever flattering red-soled creations. Louboutin Barbie is a foxy flame-haired vixen wearing a leather cat-suit and comes with 3 spare pairs of the designer's most iconic styles. Each pair come with their own box and dust bag. And if I had not been out of the loop, galavanting around Thailand I could have got my paws on one of these collector's pieces from Net-a-Porter for £100. Fingers crossed the next batch comes soon!

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