Monday, 21 December 2009

Honey, I'm Home..

hey guys, many apologies for my prolonged absence...I was enjoying a 6 week stint traveling around Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. I was becoming quite accustomed to life as a beach bum but after 6 weeks I more than had the itch to return to cold and polluted London town. I relished the thought of wrapping up in the cold and fantasised about putting on the highest pair of heels I own and having a stomp on the pavement. Ah pavement! Its even good to see the pigeons.Moral of the story: this city girl could live nowhere other than the city!So here I am, back in town and excited to be able to see friends and head for some winter warmers. So sorry again for the disappearing act I look forward to catching up with you on all the fashion fabulosities I've missed while trawling the Far East. Aaaand Happy nearly Christmas!!


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  1. Good to see you home safely! Can't wait to see all your photos. Have a fantastic christmas lovely xxxx


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