Monday, 21 December 2009

Good Old-Fashioned Girl Power

Pammy + Viv
Lord knows how this fabulous trans-atlantic, trans-generational union from earlier in the year escaped my true attention. This irony laden pairing between England's fashion Dame and national treasure with Hollywood's own boobylicious national joke made me grin like a mad cheshire cat. What an ionic pair! (No pun intended). And for all the wrong reasons - it works! What should be a real crime against fashion emboldens it by poking fun at its often much too serious self. Too many regulations and assumptions can take the fun out of the fashion world, so how refreshing to see not only a buxom woman being endorsed by Dame Viv but an older woman, mother of two, with bimbo looks that comply more with Playboy than Vogue and the world's most famous pair of over-inflated breasts, I hope they live happily ever after and release a Westwood-Baywatch fusion line!!


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