Saturday, 24 October 2009

Knocks my Socks Off


I never thought I would hear myself say socks and sandals were the way to go. But lately I have been thinking a thick sock with a chunky high heel is the best look in the world! The long socks trend came back last year with a vengeance thanks to Patricia Field via Carrie Bradshaw in last year's fashion smash SATC the Movie. However nothing says this season like short socks with heels. Channel Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with cutesy frilly socks and ruby slippers. Of you've got the legs for it why not work geek chic with short socks and flats for a fresh look a la style queen Chloe Sevigny. Burberry have revived the slouchy socks with high heels trend and I love it. Such an effective style updater, not to mention cheap and easy to imitate.

Burberry A/W10


1. Sarah Jessica Parker in SATC the Movie
2. Ad Campaign for Burberry A/W10
3. Fearne Cotton


  1. i love those cream shoes! recent primark?

  2. 'fraid not sweet thing. Both pairs are from last year...woops! x


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