Sunday, 11 October 2009

Heavy Metal

I'm a girl who loves shoes, I'm also a sucker for embellishment, a bit of zip-detailing, a couple studs, tassels and feathers are all fine with me. There is something about studs that is always so effective, a reason why they won't go away, they always seem to look so gooood. I know last season's iconic Balmain shoes are old news but despite being over-exposed, it would be criminal not to include them in this list, as they are still the ultimate in footwear! I have also included some men's brogues from Prada. Here are some of my favourite studded beauties:

1. Givenchy
2. Prada (men's)
3. Balmain
4. Louboutin
6. Isabel Marant
7. Chloe

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