Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Blast from the Past

I am very proud to have unearthed this gem from the archives. In fact when I discovered this picture I felt a surge of satisfaction on par with that of finding a gold encrusted prehistoric fossil on an archaeological dig. Whilst the fashion world is all about moving forward, looking to the future and what is coming next. Sometimes, somehow there is nothing quite like the fond nostalgia or the cringe factor brought about by looking at the past. The Style conscious world is a funny place where we are fickle and move cyclically. This glory shot comes from the early 1990s and the irony is that some point between then and now Miss Sarah Jessica Parker may have been very ashamed of this photo. However, right now, the outfit in this picture could not look more right. We are currently embracing all things velvet, rich jewel tones, the upper midriff, statement jackets and not quite conical bras but no doubt with Gaga's inspiration we will get there very soon. I haven't got so excited about an outfit in a long time. Something tells me SJP's fashion alter-ego; Carrie Bradshaw would be very proud!


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