Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hair Raising Creations

Public attention has been grabbed lately by increasingly avant-garde hair styling, endorsed particularly by the pantless wonder Lady Gaga. Gaga's ever changing hair length, colour and elaborate hair pieces have been as much cause for specualtion as her theatrically provocative clothing and the mystery surrounding her gender. The recent comeback of wigs got me thinking about a press day I visited last Spring for Blow PR's designers for Autumn/Winter 09. It was there that I first became aquainted with the spooky and inspired designs of hair-master Charlie Le Mindu, particularly memorable and disturbing was a kind of balaclava fashioned out of dead rats whose fur he had dyed white. And yes a model had to wear that on her face! Here is a picture I took of it:

Check out some of the more recent pictures of his other worldy designs at Fashion Week, the fantastic photographs are courtesy of The Guardian.

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