Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Fashion + Coffee = Lavazza

Lavazza is the reputable Italian family, responsible for keeping a sense of glorious old-school glamour in the effective branding of their coffee. If you ask me all the charm of the coffee industry has died out thanks to bland expressions like fair-trade and hideous newfangled terminology such as skinny-soya-frappe-latte. However, if like me you like an extra shot of fashion with your macchiato, you need look no further than the Lavazza calendar. A well connected friend has just returned from schmoozing the Lavazza family at a 2 day press event held in Turin to unveil their 2010 calendar. She and her sister enjoyed a 4-hour long dinner and allegedly when the boring "journos" retired to the hotel, the party really got started! Lavazza is as synonymous with coffee as it is with delectably directional advertising campaigns. Each year their calendar is photographed by one of the greats, last year's edition was shot by Annie Leibovitz and previous photographer's include David La Chapelle, Jean-Baptiste Mondino and Ellen Von Unwert. After hearing a full report of 2010's amazing calendar by Miles Aldridge, I wanted to see his depiction of old school Italian glamour for myself. I particularly enjoyed the Winehouse style make-over given to 'girl of the moment' Daisy Lowe. I liked the juxtaposition of Lydia Hearst with her pearlescent skin and strawberry blonde hair with the more typically Italian looking dark and smouldering Bianca Balti. Miles Aldridge has been exploring the different avenues of 'sexy'. Whilst Aldridge evokes past pin-up style, his colour palette is more nu-rave neon which gives a kitsch flavour and brings the calendar right up to date. He uses acid green, bubblegum pink, fluorescent yellow and pop-up blue to bring his images to life. The concept behind this year's calendar was classic Italian love songs. Aldridge took his inspiration from the big drama filled operatic ballads: Va’ Pensiero, Guarda Che Luna, ‘O Solo Mio, Con Te PartirĂ², Baciami Piccina and Nessun Dorma. The pictures make me want to embrace my Italian heritage and dance around the dinner table with my Uncles and Aunts singing Volare.

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