Wednesday, 30 September 2009

It's a Gingham Thing

I was very interested to see Christopher Kane's use of gingham in his Ready to Wear collection for 2010. As if to prove he is not a one-trick pony and to invert people's expectations Kane has taken a dramatic u-turn from frightening larger than life gorilla prints and wildlife images to girlie gingham. Subverting our conservative associations with gingham check and luxe materials such as cashmere by giving us slash neck sweaters and gingham skirts with thigh high slits. Gingham is a thing once ubiquitous in childhood, the embodiment of perhaps a well-behaved little girl. However in adulthood it is a check scarcely seen. With Christopher Kane's influence gingham is set to become as pervasive next summer as the perennial plaid shirt has been for the past few seasons.

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  1. Love the work...keep it up my love xxx


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