Wednesday, 16 September 2009 HERO

I am re-developing an obsession for Beyonce this year. I am extra loving her for her kindness towards Taylor Swift at this year's VMA awards in New York (when Kanye was being a "jerk"); and of course for her spangly leotard and kick ass performance. She is so talented, one half of one of the most incredible power couples in the world, so fierce yet so gracious, so sexy yet modest. I think she represents the female dilemma; through being one part'Independent Woman' and one part 'If I were a Boy' - you can just tell she dotes on Jay Z but it is equally clear she takes no prisoners! She has outdone her fashion self this year, demonstrating maturity with a series of metallic, sharp-shouldered, futuristic wonders and one-pieces. She has also been sporting a lot of Balmain and making it work, in favour of her volumptuous woman's body. She has been looking amazing! So Balmain, so booylicious, so iconic. Bionic B, we salute you; a modern day superwoman!

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