Sunday, 27 September 2009

Her name is Rio and she Dances on the Sand...

I let out a squeal of delight when I saw the cover of this week's Sunday Times Style supplement. The front of it bearing the heavenly face of Brazilian goddess Gisele. Officially the first female model I was ever obsessed with. Yeah as a youngster I thought Christy Turlington had wonderful bone structure and Cindy Crawford was the ultimate sexy Super. Kate Moss is the best chameleon and takes an excellent picture. Kate is a great model because she can work around her quirks; not very tall, the bandy legs, lacklustre hair, imperfect teeth and the half collapsed nose but I must say, sorry public, she is not my favourite. When it comes to abundant natural beauty Gisele is number one, the long lithe limbs, the hair of pure spun gold, the long straight nose, the steel grey eyes, the killer teeth and the almighty boobs!!

The article in Style is written in the words of Gisele's Latin American broken English about the last-minute photo shoot that took place between her and uber photographer Mario Testino. She speaks of their mutual fondness for Rio de Janeiro and the connection between them, I wonder why there wouldn't be one - they are surely a match made in fashion heaven; Brazilian beauty and Peruvian fashion photographer. She says

"Mario holds a special place in my heart. He has been there with me from the beginning...I think he understands what I want...He is Peruvian by blood, but I think his heart is Brazilian."
She goes on to describe the electrifying experience that was her first Rio carnival, saying she bumped into Testino there, and they danced the night away together in the magical heat. Does it get any better? This anecdote fills me with such glee, and exceeds my deepest fashion fantasies. You couldn't make this tale up; this pair is tantamount to fashion royalty. And the idea of them shaking their stuff to the percussive beats on Copacabana beach is too much. Cannot wait to buy Testino's new tome 'Mario de Janeiro'. The pictures are sure to be steamier than the Brazilian Heat.

I'll admit, in recent years, I got used to the idea that Gisele's sexy star had started to fade. I started to tire of seeing her in Cavalli and Versace ad campaigns only. I even believe that something about her brand of sun-kissed perfection in the model world that has been ruled by 'edgy individuals' like Alice Dellal and Agyness Deyn and the more classic Lara Stones and Lily Donaldsons started to feel (dare I say) irrelevant. However when I saw her in a wild haired, open mouthed, make-up free, eyes closed revelry I felt immeasurably happy. So I obviously missed her. Here are some pictures to remind us why:


  1. I nicked this off my friend on the bus today...ah, the love, the adoration, the genius! Style has had a makeover and is looking pretty snazzy too.
    Gah you are writing bloody articles here, I feel well behind! x

  2. She is heaven, you have pin pointed her perfection down to the nines, we love you Gisele! Now she's married though, whats her future in modelling? Do you think he'll want his wife showing the world how much they're missing?


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