Saturday, 5 September 2009


As a newbie to blogworld, it seems I am positively ancient. All I hear about these days is this new phenomenon of 'youth bloggers' taking the world by storm. As saddened as I am by living in such a techie-age, there are certainly perks. For example, the internet allows us endless creative choices. The apparent demise of magazines and newspapers, fast being traded in for their shinier online counterparts is something I find to be a grave tragedy. However the internet has opened its doors to the whole world, allowing people whose work would never see a publisher to be viewed by thousands. And this surely is a beautiful thing. Tavi sums this up concisely in saying

"Being on the internet is a blessing and a curse at the same time."

So as I try to move with the technology of this century I am astounded by the sheer number of kids hitting the big time with their ideas. Lets talk about Tavi, the thirteen-year-old blogging sensation gracing the pages of this month's Love and the cover of Pop! She is one of the most inspired kids I have come across in a long time. I am so intrigued as to what makes this cute little teenager from Illinois tick. Her style and fashion prowess have made her a huge icon in the world of mainstream fashion and haute couture. I had not come across her until I read her interview in Love magazine by Peaches Geldof. At first, I thought how predictable; an interview from one precocious teen who reckons herself a voice of a generation to another. I swiftly got over Peaches' misguided delusions of grandeur as I was so distracted by the amazingness of Tavi. It was also impossible not to derive a squeal of delight from Peaches stating the glaringly obvious in saying:

"The way you talk makes me sound totally thick!"
I was astounded by Tavi's level of passion for all things sartorial; her age being a factor in what makes her special. She comes across as so involved and dedicated to the fashion cause when she says

"fashion is way beyond an obsession, it is an addiction. I really, really love it."

She goes on to say

"seeing the Comme des Garcons fall/winter 09 collection with all its tulle and the olive-coloured tent coats...I was almost moved to tears."

I am very much on the fence in terms of feeling awe-struck and terrified by Tavi and the level of sophistication with which she intellectualises fashion, and obviously eats, breathes and sleeps it. She says she has an aversion to being called a prodigy, so out of respect for Miss Tavi I will refrain from using that word, though it's easy to see why people do! It is clear she remains modest about her skills, and sees herself merely as a young girl with an interest. But, to outsiders, Tavi is much more that that; one of the most exciting sources of fashion and cultural inspiration to emerge in a very long time. I will relish the fact that fashion savvy folk twice or three times her age will be looking to her for inspiration. And none of this could have happened without the internet! All Hail blog-queen Tavi! Check her out at

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