Sunday, 12 June 2011

Dear Drew

Dear Drew, there are so many reasons why I love you:
1.Your 90s style is so achingly relevant looking now
2. You're a hair chameleon who has had everything from pixie crops to mermaid waves in every colour under the sun.
3. You have true Hollywood credentials; crazy bohmeian upbringing, nutty parents and underage battles with drugs and alcohol.
4. You have made the transition from child-star to adult star successfully.
5. You get prettier and more stylish with each year that passes!

And all the while you seem like such a sweet person, a girls girl and perenially unlucky in love. I would like to do tequila shots with you Drew (and I don't even like Tequila).

cute as a button in E.T.

chanelling Stevie Nicks in crushed velvet, biker jacket and suitably 80s perm

flowa powa

so 90s in a 70s coat with a short fringe

my main inspiration for dip dying my hurr

looking very Lisa Marie Presley as the face of Covergirl

and now with autumnal auburn tresses

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