Wednesday, 31 October 2012

the eye has to travel

One chilly Saturday when Lol and I were feeling jaded with the London party scene, we took our danced out feet off to one of our favourite spots: The Curzon Mayfair. Armed with cosy snacks of the sweet and salty variety we went to watch one of our beloved fashion documentaries. The Eye has to Travel is the story of Diana Vreeland, my new favourite Grande-Dame of fashion since Grace Coddington. Similar to Grace Coddington, Vreeland had a wonderful creative eye and was responsible for many legendary fashion spreads. An incredibly larger than life character bursting with humor and charm, her interviews were laugh-out-loud funny but also interspersed with incredible original footage and some very famous talking heads. Born in Belle Epoque Paris, she lived through some of the most glamorous stylish eras in all of the worlds most fashion forward cities. She started her career as a columnist at Harper's Bazaar and went on to become editor-in-chief at Vogue. Vreeland reinvented herself as this darling of the fashion crowd and had a huge celebrity following which went from fashion to Hollywood. Full off beautiful imagery and witty one-liners the film is a must see and a reminder of all the fabulous people and trends in past decades!

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