Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It's Not Fair and I think you're Really Mean

May I start by saying that I am not a Lily Allen fan. She has a habit of wearing clothes that don't suit her and her music grates on my ears. I think for the most part she is classic of today's talentless and gobby youth who got her big break by being the daughter of someone vaguely famous who was equally gobby and talentless. Yet here at LolitaLoves I tell it like it is and whilst I was not enjoying her recent fore into pantless territory (which should be monopolised by Gaga). And I also felt slightly embittered given her recent position as the face of Chanel. But this post is to acknowledge her ever-evolving style. I did quite enjoy her tongue in cheek experimentation at Glasto '09 with purple and bleach blonde wigs. And she has worn some killer jumpsuits recently. In the January 2010 issue of Russian Harper's Bazaar, (photographed by Alan Gelati) I think she looks amazing! Check her out doing 'sexy' and see what you think:







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  1. I quite like these shots , they are very un Lilly Allen ,
    like the styling a lot


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