Sunday, 31 January 2010

A Single Man

I have been fortunate enough to preview the new Tom Ford film 'A Single Man' and as was to be expected it's cinematography was perfect and the costumes, props and aesthetics in general - immaculate. However what took me quite by surprise was how handsome Colin Firth looked! The foppish bumbling English man thing really doesn't do it for me and I hate watching both Hugh Grant and Colin Firth for this reason. However I was pleasantly surprised to see that for once Mr Firth was not playing himself, I was impressed by his performance as a tortured soul and by his sharp appearance! As predicted, the film focussed mainly on the plight of the homosexual male and on themes of loneliness through Firth's character as well as Julianne Moore and Nicholas Hoult. Miss Moore was fantastic as ever, and looked amazing as a flame haired 60s siren, and Nicholas Hoult was surprisingly good in his role as an American sexually curious teenager, dressed memorably in a fluffy marshmallow mohair sweater. The clothes and interiors in the movie all looked so contemporary - the 60s are undoubtedly my favourite fashion era for menswear; the colour palette, the toniks and new fabrics, the winkle pickers and those skinny ties. mmmm I wish all men would dress that way forever! When the film comes out, do let me know what you think!




  1. The 60s was definitely a great period in menswear, but I love the sophisticated suits and hats of the 20s. I wish men could wear dinner suits more often!

  2. I love Moore! She is always so stylish both on and off screen. I can't wait to see the film

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  3. I LOVE julianne! and nicholas hoult just gets better and better...

  4. oooo I cant wait to see it, shocking news about colin's ratability. i will have to see that one for myself!

  5. I like your fashion style In fact I'm looking forward for your updates.


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