Wednesday, 15 August 2012

fashionable forgiveness

Taylor Swift always seemed a nice girl in full of feminine innocence with her Prairie style. Neither her music, nor personal style are my cup of tea but she always seems a nice girl. This is why my jaw hit the floor with shock, horror and sympathy while watching the Kanye West fiasco at the 2009 VMAs. My huge wave of mortification for her moment being so publicly snatched was counter balanced with Kanye-cringe for the spectacle he made of himself as well as the Beyonce butt-kissing. It was one of those notorious showbiz moment that has become an example of Live TV gold. It can be seen as a cautionary tale that fame + too much alcohol + a platform in a room full of celebs = ego explosion. Kanye mistakenly thought he had the right to play music God deeming the little country girl less worthy/talented than Bey the soul goddess, and was technically sucking up to his best mate's bird. Thus embarrassing himself, falling out of favour with the very star he tried to defend (as if Beyonce 'Independent Woman' Knowles needed his help). In his favour, in many ways I think this was probably the most interesting thing to happen to Taylor Swift's otherwise vanilla career. I'm sure they have since made up (maybe he sent her a weighty gold pendant and some Hennessy in the mail) but nonetheless seeing Swift wear Kanye's KW range in Harper's Bazaar made me smile to myself. This was a smart editorial, PR stunty move - Kanye wants the fashion honchos he so admires to know that the VMA debacle is water under the bridge and relieve his coscience, and Taylor can show she is a classy lady who doesn't hold a grudge.



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