Friday, 12 March 2010

McQueen's Final Collection

Fashionistas worldwide bid Alexander McQueen farewell last week with the presentation of his final collection. The collection summoned a sense of true oppulence of another era, reminiscent of Royalty or even Papal garments. McQueen's use of rich red with elaborate gold patterns seemed to symbolise influences of Baroque or Rococo style. This was directly fused with the digital prints and gothic undertones of today. The collection seems to creatively defy the fact that we are in recession. The stand out piece from the collection appears to be the fishtail dress with the jacket made from gilded feathers. However I think my favourite piece is the back and gold dress and cape; it would transform anyone into Wonder Woman. To be invited to this unweiling would cement you as a heavyweight of the fashion industry. I can't imagine what a privilege it would be to witness this beautiful and poignant 16 piece collection first hand. Rest in Peace Lee McQueen.

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