Monday, 19 December 2011

Bombay Sapphire

The annual Chanel metiers d'arts is the holy grail of fashion fiestas, a spread of utter splendour and aesthetic decadence as can only be expected from Karl Lagerfeld, who has become a caricature of his uniformly stylish self and emblematic of luxurious taste; a purveyor of aesthetic perfection. Every year Karl creates a solid theme and this year East met West as an aromatic feast of Indian style food, decor and fashion came to Paris. The grand Parisian venue was filled with the heady colours, scents and visuals of bustling Bombay. Karl's latest Asian inspired creations were modeled around an intricately decorated set of a banqueting table laden with delicious delicacies and flower arrangements. Fashionistas and frowers flocked to get their bindi and bhaji on, at this sumptuous spectacle. All the models wore flat shoes and tunic and trouser combinations inspired by salwar kameez as well as sari draping. Nehru collars and heavy ornate jewellery were plentiful, and Freida Pinto was present as muse and ambassador of the event. As Karl is always a fan of a celeb or personality endorsement, mother and daughter combo of Yasmin and Amber Le Bon walked for Mr Lagerfeld at this momentous soiree.

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