Tuesday, 20 December 2011

luscious Lana

This year music has seen a new wave of Girl Power, brought about in part by hip hop main-streamers like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. I think Lady Gaga's celeb explosion served to remind us that girls can make an impact in music, Jessie J was incessantly doing it 'like a dude' all over the radio. And in this year's X Factor representative of a less discerning audience, the wider British public, 4 chirpy teenage girls reigned supreme, the best thing about them being - you could tell they actually liked each-other! In girl band history if that's not a case of sisters doing it for themselves, then I don't know what is!

This year has unquestionably been Adele's year, next year has Lana del Rey's name all over it. Adele is the lovable humble cockney powerhouse of emotional songwriting and soaring vocals, the voice of 2011. In recent years there has been a buzz surrounding Florence, Bat for Lashes and Lissie but then came along Lana del Rey to blow all other contenders out of the game. Lana del Rey is undoubtedly this year's most prestigious newcomer and shining star with her carefully cultivated image, autobiographical lyrics and sultry siren looks. She is part brooding songstress, part cartoon pin up girl from days gone by, an altogether dangerous combination. It's as if Lana del Rey closed this year with Video Games, where Adele opened it with the ubiquitous 'Someone Like You.' Two songs equally poignant and feminine and moving and beautiful. In 'Video Games' Lana del Rey laments old school notions of love crushed by a modern world. I think in 2012 she will go stratospheric and like everyone else I await her latest offerings and delicious videos with baited breath!

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