Friday, 16 December 2011

super scrooge

I don't know what's up with me this year. I'm usually your average Christmas loving festive freak, decking the halls as soon as December hits but alas not this year. I'm feeling more humbug than Halleluja...don't get me wrong I am spending the festive period with my family in Miami for some winter sun which I cannot complain about. I am over the top excited to feel the sun on my skin, gimme dat Vitamin D - or at least I will be once I have finished working, gott my head around a summer wardrobe in December and packed etc. So I am pumped at the prospect of a holiday and sun but not so much about Christmas itself...make sense? I just want to lie on a beach, read a book and pretend that when I come home its not going to be sleety, slushy January, February, March... Lovely London seasons - who needs em? Maybe I have S.A.D - I used to think Autumn was magical, now I feel I would love to live in eternal springtime like in LA where culture is bad acting and frozen yoghurt. Winter, you are no friend of mine and I don't need you. Pale and interesting is never going to work for me and I would love to have a permanent glow of summer health!

I kind of just want 2012 to roll around with its fresh beginnings and promise of sparkly newness, and then take some kind of Shakespearean love potion that would leave me temporarily comatose until the tweeting birds of Spring come out again!

South Beach come to mama
 One thing that did make me feel a little pang of Christmassy cheer was some drinks with the girls on Tuesday. Despite our topic of conversation where we discussed all kinds of depressing fatalistic shit over cocktails, like; are we in the career of dreams/ with the long-term man of our dreams/ on the property ladder yet/ en route to marriage etc etc. The answer to most of these questions from the majority of us being a resounding NO. However the purpose of our girly pilgrimage to Claridges was to check out the Lanvin Christmas Tree as designed by eccentric genius creative director Alber Elbaz and it managed to warm the cockles of the deepest part of this currently Grinchy heart of mine! Thanks Alber :)

Lanvin Christmas card


a cute caricature of Alber Elbaz tops the tree like a fashion fairy

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