Thursday, 8 December 2011

My Week with Marilyn

I could not wait to see this film, the reasons why are never ending. Firstly the period and subject matter make this a costume stalker's dream, secondly I think Michelle Williams is a hugely underrated talent, thridly Eddie Redmayne's beautiful face. Here at Carlo Manzi we provided some of the menswear and I fitted Dominic Cooper for his roll as a pushy and obnoxious New York agent who is bitter about Marilyn's closeness with Redmayne's character. Jill Taylor the costume designer did a wonderful job on the clothes, everything for Michelle Williams had to be made as they were exact replicas of well documented outfits Monroe herself wore in 1956. So it was a real visual treat. The story is totally predictable but it doensn't matter, it is perfect Sunday afternoon viewing - well acted, beautiful people in wonderful clothes, and I love a Biopic anyway!Requires no thinking at all and looks lovely, go see it now I urge you. 

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