Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Attack of the S.A.D.s

In recent years the thirst for celebrity gossip has spiralled out of control. It seems the fascination with our famous friends is trans-generational. Media induced competitivity for cuteness between Suri Cruise and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has become the norm. It is little wonder then when these children grow into teenagers and young adults that our interest intensifies.

Celebrity sons and daughters or S.A.Ds are a new obsession in society. We automatically expect them to have a talent or worse still, follow in their parent's footsteps as rock god, Hollywood starlet or supermodel. Over exposed S.A.Ds like Peaches and Pixie, Jamie Winstone and Kimberley Stewart are plastered all over magazines. Their every Nobu dinner and Bungalow 8 night is rammed down our throats before anyone can say "Do we care?" So it comes as no shock to suddenly see Amber LeBon cropping up in various campaigns. Quite frankly she pales in comparison to her eternally youthful mother, but sadly it is assumed, that genetics equate to certain careers. Quel Surprise! Coco Sumner is launching a music career, and Katy Grand and her cronies were debating putting her on the front cover of Love's hotly awaited second issue. Now Sam and Holly Branson; heirs to the Virgin empire are perpetually photographed, badly dressed at various festivals and international events.

Interestingly boys seem much less guilty of flaunting their connections and courting the press, but they have been getting in on the model act too. Hotting up at the moment are Max Irons (son of actor Jeremy) Jethro Cave, son of Australian singer Nick as well as Otis, Isaac and Tara Ferry (sons of Bryan.) These boys and girls are all armed with appropriately quirky, supercilious names, lashings of self-confidence and easy access to nepotism! What upsets me is when I hear from industry insiders that Vogue is considering putting Pixie Geldof on the cover of their December issue. Party girl she may be but cover girl she aint. When I see her picture I think of grubby fingernails and bad tatoos not 'ooh what is she wearing? I must buy this magazine.' And I represent the voice of a 22 year old magazine addict, not the larger demographic of Vogue buyers. So who are they aiming to appeal to?

The tragedy is that while these Daddy's girls prancing around, milking their family ties, beautiful models with feline bone structure and coat hanger shoulders are being put out of work. Whilst flicking through the latest Harper's Bazaar I saw an editorial ad for Gerard Darel, and the model struck me as an unusual choice. Then I realised it was Mamie Gummer, Meryl Streep's daughter and rising star on the silver screen. Why did the luxurious French brand choose this plain American girl to sell their handbags? Is it linked to the idea of normality and political correctness gone mad? Are Gok's 'get 'em girlfriend' attitudes and Coleen's real women leaking over into the world of high fashion? God forbid! Bring back Lily Donaldson and Jourdan Dunn.

1. 3 naked rock star daughters: Kimberly Stewart, Leah Wood, Peaches Geldof

2. Amber LeBon for River Island

3. Max Irons (son of Jeremy)

4. Jethro Cave (son of Nick)

5. Pixie models for Tatler

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