Saturday, 29 August 2009

Who Says Grunge is DEAD?

New Grunge Icons: 1. Mary-Kate Olsen 2. Justin Bobby 3. Taylor Momsen 4. Erin Wasson

You know you're getting 'old' when at 22, you see the styles that were prominent during your childhood cropping up in the shops and people's wardrobes. Being born as I was in 1987, like it or not, my formative fashion years were 90s through and through. Now we are on the edge of a 90s revival, following the huge 80s comeback. We've been absorbed in structured dressing, long line blazers, sharp shoulders, big embellishment and the eternal skinny jean. Get out last years biker boots and hooded parker because 90s grunge is back big time, stick to the gothic lace of the past few years but mix in a bit of crushed velvet for good measure. Last year we saw a big resurgence in Dr Martens but also lace-up Victorian high-heeled boots, and flat army versions. Long skirts are going to be reintroduced as a winter piece, paired with a long sleeved lace leotard underneath, Dr Martens and a crochet beanie. Fashion is predictably making a u-turn from glitzy power dressing to holey, oversized, baggy and ripped. We saw a hint of the grunge renaissance with the mega success of the lumberjack shirt. Ironically the younger you were during a fashion decade, the more I think you can enjoy and appreciate it the second time around; so 90s kids I think it is our time to shine!

Aptly this new look seems more in keeping with the current economic climate. Finance always has an inevitable affect on the social connotations of current style, and this 90s look reflects social change as a continuation of the demise of the 'it' bag and status dressing. It is no longer seen as socially responsible to go head head to toe in labels and dripping in jewels, not too mention more gauche and outdated looking than ever.

Original 90s Grungees: 1. Kurt Cobain 2. Shakespeare's Sister 3. Kate & Johnny

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  1. Quote: my mother today, on observing my new denim cut-offs

    "Oh I hope grunge isn't back in fashion, I hate grunge,it's looks so dirty."


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