Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Intern Life

As someone who, like (it appears) the rest of the world is trying to break into fashion journalism it feels only right to share my experiences of the competitive industry. The internships I have done for various glossy publications have opened my eyes to the fact that 'The Devil Wears Prada' is less Hollywood satire and more insightful realism. This evening I met with a friend I made when interning at a popular men's fashion magazine. We bonded whilst working in the Soho office and had banter with the male stylists and models on shoots. Said girl, has just been travelling for 6 months, she is now back in London and interning at Vogue, so we went for a catch up. Over pizza we shared tales of fashion desk work with humor and hindsight. I laughed when she told me the saga of the missing solid gold eyelash curlers at one disorganised weekly, which incidentally, she found under the shopping editor's desk.

Also in fashion news is that Vogue has been gazumped by another magazine who have pinched Natalia Vodianova for the front cover of their December issue. Wherever there are models and designers there is always drama and disappointment. As a fashion intern I have never had a dull moment; highlights have included writing my first article and press days at Bond Street jewellers, spent sipping champagne while pouring over diamonds all afternoon. Low points include pooper scooping one editor's pet maltese having taken it around the block. Oh well, I suppose when I've made it I'll look back and laugh!

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  1. Fantastic. Love it. I just hope i don't get into trouble haha! Oh, hell with it, Iets spraff and maybe they'll just treat us nicer!


    naughty intern


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