Friday, 28 August 2009

Bored of London, Bored of Life!

magazines in bed :)

fave brunch spot: Raoul's, Talbot Road

For me there are only 2 things that can console me from post holiday blues and a fading tan. These are 1. the September issue of Vogue and 2. the Notting Hill Carnival. However, I found this September's Vogue was a huge disappointment, with a less than fresh looking Miss Moss on the cover and a whole host of below par advertising campaigns and lacking in editorial content. As something I so look forward to, I was hoping that this year's Carnival would not follow Vogue's lead and crush my expectations.

I have gone to Carnival every year religiously since the age of 16 and shamelessly book my holidays around it. I think it is such a unique event, the atmosphere is unbeatable with great music, food and friends - and its all free! This is the thing that means so much to a London girl, good old-fashioned free fun sadly not being something I am overly accustomed to. My mum was living in the heart of Notting Hill, at 16, in 1966 during the first Notting Hill Carnival. She said she heard some music and went outside where there were a couple of floats and no more than 50 people. This year I was one of 7500 revellers, and Notting Hill Carnival represents the biggest street party in Europe. For me the last Sunday and Monday of August are London at its most alive and absolute best. Some of my closest friends, despite being based in London are as elusive as Banksy, and Carnival is often the only time of the year on which they will crawl out of the woodwork/South London. I was so pleased that this weekend did not disappoint. Here are some pictures I took to mark the end of Summer/ start of Autumn.

trendy kids

wheelbarrow serves as rubbish bin

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