Sunday, 9 August 2009

An Ode to Nailpolish

In recent months I have found my personality somewhat schizoid when it comes to choosing the lacquer that coats my nails. I will flit from girly nude to sexy burgundy to hot pink sometimes within the same day. Often I will consider giving my nails a break but before you know it, I've delved deep into the make-up drawer, attacked a bottle of O.P.I and meticulously painted my talons afresh. When getting a mani or a pedi, choosing the colour is one of the decisions I struggle with most. Painting ones nails is hardly a huge commitment, so I wonder why it causes me such turmoil! I think the conclusion I am reaching is that nail-colour says a lot about ones current mood/style. I would go far to say that it can change the dynamics of a look, and potentially even make or break an outfit! The act of painting nails is quite luxurious because it represents having time to sit down and do so (usually with a magazine) and getting it done professionally is even more of a pampering treat.

The classic shades that have stood the test of time are natural pink, bright postbox red and deep movie-star maroon. Recently we have seen trends for fluorescent shades and metallics as well as less traditional shades of green and grey. I have had a long standing affair with deep purples and black but have recently been indulging in a summer fling with neon brights, baby blue and sparkly silver. As a brand Barry M comes highly recommended for brief flirtations with crazy colours, as it gives good coverage and is cheap! In these stringent times what cheaper and more fun way to update your look!


  1. I am a diehard rouge noir fan and find it painfully different to switch alliegance. Can you be disloyal to a nail varnish? Certainly feels like it...Any advice to help me break my habit, Lolita?

  2. There is something about Rouge Noir, just the right amount of saucy dark with the right balance of red. Next time I suggest going for a deep purple like 'Give Me Moor!' by OPI from the Spanish collection. If Chanel polishes work for you. I have a great charcoal with flecks of silver called 'Noir Ceramic.' Hope you put the Rouge Noir down and try these choices.


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