Tuesday, 16 August 2011

sweet soul sister

Poor Solange Knowles, imagine having goddess Beyonce as a sister, that would be miserable by anyone's standards right? The talent, the beauty, the sex appeal, the superstar career, the perfect husband. Bleugh. I always champion an underdog and Solange has really found her fashion feet. She is a lot more quirky and individual than one blingtastic, bootylicious soul sister of hers. I particularly love her small messy afro. Beyonce may look like the woman who has everything, but Solange has an adorable son and is beating her sister in the style stakes. She loves african and tribal prints, patterned trousers, experimenting with short hair and colourful make-up. What's not to like?

striking a pose with Theoplilus London for Honey Magazine

Performing at Opening Ceremony launch in NYC

best outfit ever

African prints

70s styling

the perfect way to rock a trouser suit

tribal accents


  1. Nice post, she's got a great style! I think we can compare them just because they are sisters, otherwise they are soooo different!

  2. lovee her - she has such a fab style


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