Wednesday, 17 August 2011


With the 90s grunge revival pervading the streets for the past couple of seasons, it was only a matter of time before the other cultural references of the 90s came full-circle. Therefore I am bracing myself for the return of Buffalo boots. As a 10 year old, my dad buying me a pair was one of my proudest whether it will make me cringe or swell with nostalgia for having worn them the first time around is yet to be seen! It's funny even as a kid, I thought I was too cool for the Spice Girls inane girl power nursery rhymes but I still dug the footwear! Now however, when I look back at pictures of them, I appreciate the brash in-your-face style of the Spicies, it is starting to look ironically retro, in a good way.

90s girl power courtesy of the Spice Girls

Lulu Guinness lip clutch

Spicy by Jeffrey Campbell

Ashish cuts an androgymous shape with his punky girl for A/W11/12

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  1. loving the ashish sequinned stuff and knits, and the leopard nails you asked about are completely diy, I'm rubbish at foils haha, so i just dotted on the spots and went round it with eye liner


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